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Year-End Accounts

Whether you are running a company solely or in partnership, you need to prepare accounts every year, including year-end accounts, income tax returns or cooperate tax returns.


We at Nacstaccs see the year-end to be the best time to review the past year and making accounts to be the initial point to provide advice to our clients, which will help them to understand their business finances. We make use of the past info to portray a better and successful future for our valued clients.


An audit is the basic part of financial reporting and is essential for those that are above the audit threshold. We make sure to prepare audit reports according to international auditing standards.


We have hired competent staff to carry out these audits, making the audit process as efficient and effective as possible. We are also offering various small company audits that are needed when they are part of larger groups.

Management Accounts

To understand the performance of your business throughout the year, management accounts are very vital for you. It helps you to run your business smoothly and successfully.


We tailor the standard reports according to your needs. We help you to extract best from your existing in-house accounting solutions, which ultimately aids your management reporting. Good management accounts help you to carry out decisions that are crucial to make your business a real success.

Charity and Not for Profit

Nacstaccs provides advice to the charity and non-profit organizations over financial, governance, tax needs of a charity, management structures along with a wide range of services including charity formation, preparation of charity accounts, audit, software installations and systems to complete the management information.

Managing Your Accounts

Nacstaccs lets you concentrate on your business, with peace of mind knowing that your accounts and returns are in order.


We provide accounting services like:

  • Annual accounts preparation
  • Periodic account management
  • Book-keeping services
  • Self-assessment advice
  • PAYE and VAT records maintenance